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Optimize Your Health The Natural Way


Welcome To Wellness

At Vesica Wellness, we believe a sense of well-being is our human birthright. Our philosophy towards health and wellness extends beyond taking care of the physical; looking at the human body mind complex as an intricate system that comprises the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.


    Bertha Cheung

    Bertha has a healing practice based in Singapore where she runs integrative energy healing sessions for both human and animal clients, predominantly focusing on BodyTalk and Bach Flower Remedies. She’s trained in a range of different healing modalities including BodyTalk, Bach Flower Remedies, Biogeometry & Medical Radiesthesia, Arcturian Healing Method, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Raindrop Harmonics. 




    • Restore broken communication channels within your body to aid physical healing and address root cause of diseases 
    • Release emotional stress to provide support during difficult period
    • Eliminate emotional toxins that are linked to physical ailments 
    • Heal past emotional experience for inner peace
    • Balance your energy system and emotional state to bring harmony in your life

    Bach Flower Remedies

    • Promote inner balance and restore calmness
    • Helps reduce stress and fear 
    • Emotional support during difficult periods from stress, grieving, change etc
    • Alleviate emotional issues such as nervous tension, depression etc

    BioGeometry & Medical Radiesthesia

    • Eliminate the harmful effect of geopathic stress from detrimental gridlines that causes health problems
    • Reduce and cut out the negative effect of Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) from wifi and electronic appliances
    • Detects and corrects energetics imbalance of the body and the environment
    • Test for optimal products and supplement based on personal wavelength checking  
    • Harmonize and optimize the energy flow at home and spaces

    The Power Within

    We respect the powerful, yet much overlooked fact, that our human body has its innate ability to heal itself. In the perfect world, our body is constantly striving for balance and homeostasis to maintain prefect health. However, recognizing the stress generated by modern day living and its adverse impact on our health and wellbeing, we understand that sometimes we do need some extra help and TLC to get back into balance and self-heal mode.


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