Bach Flower Remedies

Discovered by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist and physician, the Bach Flower Remedies comprise 38 homeopathic flower essences that are used to effectively relieve emotional disturbances. 


    In his medical career, Dr Bach identified that physical health is closely linked to emotional health, and resolving emotional affliction is crucial to curing any physical ailments. The Bach Flower Remedies are simple, safe and natural homeopathic solutions for restoring emotional equilibrium that can be used for even children, babies, animals and plants. It has been used worldwide for over 70 years with great effectiveness. 

        What Bach Flower Remedies Can Help With

        • Promote inner balance and restore calmness

        • Helps reduce stress and fear 
        • Emotional support during difficult periods from stress, grieving, change etc
        • Alleviate emotional issues such as nervous tension, depression etc

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