As a “Whole Healthcare” system developed by Dr John Veltheim, BodyTalk is a non-invasive energy medicine modality that treats the patient in totality instead of focusing on a set of symptoms. It acknowledges that we’re more than our physical body, and our health is interconnected to our emotional, mental, and spiritual states, as well as environmental influence. 


BodyTalk works on the premise that your body has an innate wisdom to maintain homeostasis and heal any health imbalances, while diseases happen when the natural balance in the body-mind complex is compromised. It incorporates cutting-edge medical science research and philosophy to help the body unlearn habits, beliefs, and biochemical pathways that are restricting the healthy function of the body-mind complex. Thus, BodyTalk uncovers and brings awareness to the root cause of a disease, and corrects the imbalance by simple, non-invasive tapping techniques. 

    What BodyTalk Can Help With

    • Restore broken communication channels within your body to aid physical healing and address root cause of diseases 
    • Release emotional stress to provide support during difficult period
    • Eliminate emotional toxins that are linked to physical ailments 
    • Heal past emotional experience for inner peace
    • Balance your energy system and emotional state to bring harmony in your life

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