Vesica Apothecary Scalp Formula (50ml)

Vesica Apothecary Scalp Formula (50ml)


A best-seller that is quickly gaining fans and devotees, the Vesica Apothecary Scalp Formula addresses hair-loss woes with a proprietary blend of scalp and hair-growth stimulating essential oils including Cedarwood and Rosemary etc. Blended in nourishing coconut, sweet almond, sunflower and olive oil. 

Application: Apply a small amount to scalp with finger tips and massage into the affected scalp area daily after shampooing and conditioning. For very oily scalp, apply and massage appropriate amount into the scalp 30 minutes before shampooing, then shampoo and condition as usual after. 

As an intensive hair-loss treatment, use daily for at least 6 weeks. For maintenance, use once or twice a week. 

Product Review(s):

“Amazing how this blend not only helped reverse my postpartum hair-loss, it also promotes hair growth. I apply the oil every night and wash off when I shower in the morning. I could see hair loss reduced after 3 days and growth increased in about 2 weeks. Even my hair stylist asked me what I’ve been using to achieve such good result.” — Evelyn

“My friends all used to tease me and called me ‘pua chu ding’ which means broken roof in dialect for my thinning hair on the top of my head where my scalp is visible. After consistent use of the scalp remedy, my hair has grown significantly and it’s really ‘broken roof’ no more as the hair growth has thickened over the area.” — Ellie 

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